When preparing a fresh diet for your dog most follow a Prey Module

80% Muscle meat

10% Organ of which 50% is liver

10% Bone

1 package of  Super FydoPHoods 😉 (wink)

I also believe that adding veggies and fruits are indeed beneficial as is on occasions WHOLE grains, goat yogurt, egg’s and lentils.

I also believe that the nutritional value of our foods have changed over the course of the years due to the soil depletion, toxic chemical sprays, hormones injections and genetically modified food (GMO) that are fed to meat source. All of these cause nutrition gaps in our present day food sources so adding organic Super Foods adds powerful punch to our dogs foods, health and well being.

Fresh feeding is not just for pampered pups but it should be for all dogs. Eating healthful food benefit all three body’s: mind/mentally, body/physically and spirit/emotionally.

Think about it… when we eat poorly, we may not physically feel strong, mentally feel dull and experience brain fog, emotionally depressed.

For dogs that means allergies, digestive issues, hyper active, inability to focus, Obsessive compulsive, lethargic, emotionally unsound, aggression, depression and the list goes on.

Feed fresh, add super foods, because no man or beast is meant to eat the same food day in and day out. Consider that dog food in a bag is only 80 years old, dogs well they have been around for 1000’s of years. The only difference now is that dogs have the highest rate of cancer, diabetics, auto immune disease and obesity.