Three plus one and you’re done. Three ingredients + one Super FydoPHood gives you a super nutritious snack for your dog.  I used Super Fydo Greens in my recipe which is made with freeze dried organic veggies and fruit. Super Fydo Phoods can give any recipe and add nutritional boost weather you use it as a snacks or whole food supplements to your dog’s food. Where to buy your Super FydoPHoods

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  1. Beets Helps Brain Function, Improves Digestion, Fights Inflammation, Anti Cancer Property.
  2. Bone Broth Supports digestive health, helps upset tummy,  provides nutrients for a sick dog, helps to boost the immune system, offers relief from food and environmental allergies.
  3. Geletin  General Bone and Joint Health, Helps Digestion, and Promotes a Healthy Coat and Skin Health.  Collagen is literally a building block of your pet’s bones, joints, cartilage, connective tissues and blood vessels. It is a great way to encourage the health of all of these vital structural components of your pet’s body. Plus, it’s a preventative strategy too, since, as dogs age, their mobility can often be hindered due to joint problems and joint pain.
  4. Fydo Greens  Fydo Greens Organic Spirulina, Organic Wheat Grass, Gluten Free Nutritional Yeast, Organic Flax Seed, Spinach,  Broccoli, Organic Beet Powder, Organic Apple, Organic Banana, Organic Raw Strawberry Powder, Organic Dried Red Peppers, Organic Honey Granules
Super FydoPHoods - A Naturally Balanced Dog
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Fydo Greens delivers nutritious and wholesome superfoods into your dog’s daily diet, which provides important nutrition to making your dog feel at their best.




3 Ingredients 1 Super FydoPHood

1 1/2 cup of beets. should be cooked and pereed

1 cup of Bone Broth

1/3 cup of Gelatin

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Heat up Beet puree over stove top, add bone broth continue to simmer until light boil.

turn off stove and slowly mix in gelatin.

pour into candy molds set into freezer for 2 hours, remove from molds store in a air tight dish…

can make snacks or use as food supplement in your dogs food.